We live on the Earth, we eat from what grows and lives in the Earth. We have a material body and this body has legs and feet which touch the floor when we walk. Same as the trees have roots, physical roots, we have energetic roots that connect us to the Earth.

There are several ways to receive these benefits, the easiest way is to be barefoot in contact with the Earth. I recommend everybody to walk barefoot as much as possible and therefore receive the healing benefits of the Earth. When we walk on the beach, we absorb not only the energy, but we activate and massage our body. Our feet are a microcosmos or map of our whole energetic and physical body. And this microcosmos works with the Earth Element so with the Energy of the Earth.

An amazing thing to do is for example to walk on the beach and swim in the ocean, why? Because you absorb the earth energy (negative electrons) but also cleanse with the Water Element and salt which is in the ocean. We need also to remember that 70% of our body is water.

People who are not in contact with the Earth they do not care with it, and do not love what gives us life, food. Some people do not respect the Earth, the warming, fires, rubbish thrown on fields, rivers. It is necessary to love the earth, to love the sun, to love the rivers, the nature, the animals.

We can only heal what we love, what we know. and what we touch.

 When we walk on a sandy beach we not only receive the electrons that heal us, but they also provide us a massage in our feet which allow us the heal all our body, as our feet are like a microcosmos or map of the body.

Same as the hands. Some animals walk on 4 legs, so the hands touch the floor and they are really connected to the Earth, they can even feel seismic waves the Earth is already transmitting like for instance in an earthquake or Tsunami. In our hands lies one of the biggest concentration of nerve endings. Remember we are electrical bodies  and “As an Energy Healer, one converts oneself in transmitter, receptor and channeler of healing energies (Carmel Sastre)”.

In my book “The Secret Power of the Chakras Revealed” I explain several ways of grounding:

– Walk barefoot,

– Swim in the ocean.

– Hug trees.

– Dig a hole on a sandy beach and cover yourself with sand.

– Receive Energy Healing sessions that activate the 1st or Root Chakra and the minor Chakras that ground. 

– Do specific grounding meditations (look for my grounding meditation in the second video and in my Chakra book below).

– Use grounding or earthing devices or accessories.. 

– Eat roots such as carrots, parsnip, turnips, onions, garlic, ….

 I also explain about conductive and non conductive materials. Plastic or leather shoes, for example, are not conductive.

What kind of materials are conductive?


Grass is conductive, especially when it is moist.

It is a very good idea to do a grounding meditation touching the grass with your feet.    


Leather is conductive, so it is good if you wear leather soled shoes.


Copper is also conductive that is why some earthing shoes have copper dots or plates in the soles, which absorb the energy of the Earth.


Concrete is conductive if poured directly onto the earth.


Water is conductive. Keep in mind that we are around 70% water. You can put your feet in water and salt or feet on the beach.


Clothing made of wool, cotton and natural fibers are conductive. If they are not too thick and your skin can connect to the Earth you will benefit from the Earth Energy.


Walking barefoot on the beach allows you to absorb Earth Energy at the same time you receive a sand massage.


Socks are conductive as the feet sweat.


More information in “The Secret Power of the Chakras Revealed, by Carmel Sastre Puigcerver”

You also have the book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

 As well you can find below the video documentary about Earthing or Grounding:



– Reduces or removes inflammation

– Reduces or eliminates chronic pain 

– Improves sleep in general

– Increases energy

– Lowers or releases stress 

– Calms down the nervous system

– Normalises the body’s biological rhythms

– Thins the blood and improves blood pressure

– Relieves muscle tension

– Improves or releases headaches and migraines

– Reduces or eliminates jet lag

– Protects the body against health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs) 

– Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.

 – …

You can find scientific studies about the benefits of grounding as my basic grounding meditation in the below website: https://www.auraandchakrahealing.com/grounding-meditation-for-the-chakras/ 

In this article and video I just explained about the power of the Earth Energy (grounding/earthing) and in my next article and video I will explain the Healing power of the Sun.

Book "The secret power of chakras revealed" by Carmel Sastre