There are 7 main Chakras in  our body, but we also have minor Chakras.

You can learn about the 7 main Chakras in my book “The Secret Power of the Chakras Revealed” available in Amazon in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You  can learn about the minor Chakras in my energy healing course, when you start doing energetic operations with the Psychic Surgeons that you will be attuned/initiated to.

Below I would like to describe the 7 main Chakras to provide you with a general picture:

 The Crown Chakra represents the consciousness. First you conceive an idea, the thoughts (7th Chakra)

 Then you create the pictures, visions (6th Chakra)

 You talk about what you wish to create. You use positive affirmations (5th Chakra) 

 Love your idea that you are creating, put in all your love (4th Chakra)

 Put energy into what you create, take actions (3rd Chakra)

 You have a connection and feel the idea as real. Desire (2nd Chakra)

 You manifest it in the physical plane (1st Chakra) 



The Spleen Chakra:

Years ago, and still now, it is not well understood as some healers think that the Spleen Chakra is the Second Chakra and call this 2nd Chakra the Spleen Chakra. I disagree as the Spleen Chakra is located under the left rib and is separated from the Second Chakra. In level 2, I subdivide the Chakras in minor and mini Chakras.

The spleen is the largest organ of the lymphatic system and it filters and purifies the blood. It controls the production of white blood cells called lymphocytes, which attack infections, bacteria, microorganisms in the blood and viruses.

A weak Spleen Chakra can also cause depression due to the low energy level.

When I do a healing session in case of sugar addictions, addictions in general and immune system issues, it is good to focus on this Chakra, also on the 2nd, on the 1st and on the 4th Chakra.

In case of depression or anxiety, it is also very important to focus on the Spleen in combination with others, such as the 2nd chakra, the Root Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. The Spleen Chakra helps in depression and transforms this energy into courage, strength and power. In level 3, I teach the power of the colours that are used to energise this magic Chakra.

The Spleen Chakra has six petals with different colours. It is also called the Prana Chakra. The Spleen Chakra or Prana Chakra is the place where life energy enters the body. It is the source of power which will provide victory, success and energy. 


Hand Chakras

Location: In the palm of the hands

Function: Centre of creative energy. We use our hands to touch ourselves, other people and everything around us.

Healers use their hands to both receive and communicate healing information and energy, and we use our hands to scan and feel the Chakras and Auras and move energy. We remove negative energy and energise with the hands.


Elbow Chakras  

Location: From the inside to the outside of the elbows.

Function: It helps to move the flow of energy through your arms. 


Shoulders Chakra

Location: Shoulders.

Function: It is connected to nostalgia and regret. The left shoulder is linked to the past and the right one to the present and future.  

Normally only one of them is affected at a time. You need to do a healing with your hands making circles on the shoulder, as well as asking the person to inhale and exhale and move their arms.  


Feet Chakras

Location: In the soles of your feet. 

Function: These Chakras help to maintain a person’s connection with the Earth. The feet receive messages and take us where we need to go. We also release old energy from the body through our feet.

Energy cords: Cords in your feet stop your grounding and you could feel vague, spaced out or literally swept off your feet.

You may have difficulties in choosing your own way, path or direction where to go. 

Health Issues: Ungrounded.


Knee Chakras

Location: From the front to the back of the knees.

Function: Help to move the flow of energy through your legs. If they hurt it means that you do not go further and evolve. 


Hips Chakra

Location: Hips

Function: They allow you to take decisions and release the anger.  

If the Chakra is not working properly the person can suffer of sciatica due to anger and lack of flexibility.


Clairaudient Chakra

Location: At the top of the nose (not to be confused with the 3rd Eye)

Function: This is a communication Chakra connected to the sixth Chakra. It is used to communicate telepathically or with beings without bodies such as spirits. 

If the sinuses are blocked in any way, or in pain, this will affect the communication using the Clairaudient Chakra. The ears are not only part of the 6th Chakra, but also part of the Clairaudient Chakra.

In my level 2 course and book, I will talk more about the minor Chakras worked during more advanced energy healing sessions. During a healing session you will need to work not only with the main Chakras, but also with some of the minor ones depending on the problem of the person. 

Extracted from my book about the Chakras: “The Secret Power of the Chakras Revealed”


main chakras energy healing minor chakras.
main chakras energy healing minor chakras.