Same as when you take a medication you need to take a certain dose or quantity, same applies when working with energy and therefore when I provide an energy healing session. It is very important to measure the energy and quality of it and to know until when to remove and cleanse it, same as how much to energise.
Many Reiki healers, energy healers, spiritual healers, holistic and alternative therapies do not scan and can leave energies that need to be removed as can also put too much or not enough energy.
It is important to know the quantity of energy and quality to be able to help the person who receives the treatment.
After more than 25 years experience I have created my own healing technique that also works with the power of colours and using different sources of energy. If you fell bloated in your stomach, for example, that shows there is a congestion and needs to be cleansed and energized. Distance healing session work for body pain and not only for physical issues, but also for emotional and mental blockages.