The body and its energies are intelligent. You can engage them in intelligent dialogue that fosters your health. 2 This becomes quite apparent when you are working in a healing context and connect with the energies that flow through the human body.

Often, when I am with a client, I feel directed by the energies themselves, as if an amazing intelligence has taken over the session. 1 can do nothing better than pay attention and follow. The biologist Lewis Thomas beautifully expresses his awe at the capacity of a single cell to make intelligent choices in his classic book The Lives of a Cell. I feel that way about energy The closer you look at the ballet of energy and protoplasm, the smarter each appears. In fact, the idea that a complex organ such as the heart carries a sort of consciousness has been gaining favour.

In a remarkable book, A Change of Heart, heart recipient Claire Sylvia describes the way many people who have had a transplant may suddenly be obsessed with the thoughts, memories, dreams, tastes, and desires of the organ donor.’ The more you work with the subtle energies in a person’s body, the more clear it becomes that you are encountering and collaborating with an intelligent force. You discover that we are not only body, but we are “emotions” and thoughts. That proves that when I perform a healing session I need to work the 4 aspects: the physical body, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual energy.

We cannot cut in 4 pieces what is our essence therefore to have a successful healing session we need to work in these for aspects.