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Chakras & Aura Energy Healing

“I went to see Carmel as I had been suffering from insomnia for 3 years and nothing else I had tried had worked. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t sleep and it was having a huge impact on me and my everyday life: my moods, my energy levels, what I did each day, what job I could do. Within ten minutes of meeting Carmel, he identified the cause of my insomnia and he set about healing me, taking me through a guided meditation which left me with a deep sense of inner peace. Seeing Carmel is the best decision I have ever made, I have had 3 sessions with him and am now getting quality, uninterrupted sleep every night. He not only provided me with the answer I was seeking but also provided me with the tools I need to continue my healing. He is a highly gifted and I will be eternally grateful to him”


Wimbledon, London

“Hi Carmel, Hope you are well.
I just wanted to let you know that I have been seen positive changes in myself.
I am not stressed at work as much as before, I now feel more relaxed things are still challenging but I am not panicking or nervous.
I am using positive affirmations, mediation and I am also looking around to join a gym so that I can be less tense.
Kind Regards,”


Portobello, Notting Hill, London

“Carmel’s healings are very powerful and insightful. His sessions were very helpful to me at a difficult time in my life and, as a result, I was able to recognise unhelpful emotions and start to develop a sense of balance and calmness.”


Pimlico, London, United Kingdom

“Carmel first did distant healing in July 2017 and within a day I felt a huge difference. I then have been seeing him regularly since August and he has helped my energy get uplifted so much that I feel like a new person.
He is the best ever energy healer I have come across. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants re-balancing spiritually, emotionally and physically :-)”

Kuldip S.

Brick Lane, London, United Kingdom

Carmel helped me last year to increasing my confidence.
His approach is very good. He made me feel at ease during sessions, guiding me through the session and checking I was ok and comfortable. He also ensured the improvements were done in stages to allow for more natural progression.
Even just after a few sessions I could notice a difference. I seem to be more in harmony with myself. I have better general awareness and feel more in control, I am better at managing difficult situations at work and also in social circumstances. My relationship with my family also improved as a result of the sessions.
I would recommend using Carmel’s services.

Lena, (not real name, requested by the person)

East London

Hello to all you beautiful Souls, may I recommend Carmel for healing treatment. I had injured may back in 2014 and was left with pain along the left had side of my body. The I was on painkillers for a good 6 to 7 months and by accident I meet Carmel.
He told me what he was an energy worker. So I decided to book myself I. fort a session bearing in mind this was all distance healing.
I found the pain started to subside.
my four toes on my feet had been numb since the accident.
when I had roughly about six session from Carmel I found the pain had disappear in my and left leg and I could feel my toes.
wow I was elated I was pain free.
I would highly recommend Carmel he is one very powerful healer.
Thank you Carmel may you continue your greatest works with the Devine Blessing always..

Satvinder Chadha

Birmingham, UK.

“Something amazing has happened as a result of your energy unblocking of my throat (chakra 2) on Nov. 23rd. I did your meditation today for the first time (it is of the 2nd and 6th chakras from when I first saw you in London), and what struck me was that you were clear from the very beginning when you first looked at me that the 2nd chakra – my throat- was blocked. You unblocked it, and it has made a huge difference in another way:

I have had an under active thyroid (located in the throat) since I was 25 years old, and have been on thyroid medication since then. I have been on only T3 thyroid medication; the UK doctors don’t like it since it could cause “electrical” problems in the heart. After my panic attacks, on Oct. 4th I went on T3/T4 combination, and when tested on Nov. 5th in L.A., the T4 level was just barely above normal, a first for me, with the T3 also low normal. I saw you here in London on Nov. 23rd when you unblocked my 2nd chakra. On Nov. 25th I had another thyroid blood test in London, and the T3 was comfortably normal with the T4 for the first time ever being comfortably normal.

The only thing that had changed was your unblocking of my 2nd chakra! This is absolutely amazing, and I thank you so much! “


Earls Court, London

I have had the pleasure of receiving an “energy auric reading of my chakras” from Master Energy Healer Energy Healing Carmel Sastre and I was blown away by his vibrational energies. If you want a truly effective healing of your chakras (energy centers) then I highly recommend Carmel.

Lilian Garrick, Medium and Healer 

California, USA


Transformational Journey 

I’ve been having regular Chakra Healing sessions with Carmel via Skype for a couple of weeks

When we initially started the session I wasn’t sure how it’s going to look like and if it will feel as good as during the a regular, in person session, but I have to say Carmel and his abilities blew my mind!

Durning the session I always feel the energy so strongly as he was standing next to me, and each of the sessions always bring huge transformational changes, realisations and releases – and the best part of this is.. I don’t even have to leave home !

After the session I simply turn off my phone and relax at home without the stress of traveling on the London Underground Trains! I highly recommend Carmel and can’t wait for my next session!

Laila, A., London

“I had the opportunity to meet Carmel while passing through a turbulent life’s phase. For sure, his healing sections and tarot reading gave me strength and insights to get out that situation. Highly recommended!”



“Since I have met Carmel, my life has changed amazingly, so much positive energy flowing inside out, I am so grateful!
Thank you so much my lovely Earth and Universe to bring in my path this wonderful and powerful person smile
With bright sparks and love,”

Cristina Mata

Alfaz del Pi/Alfas del Pi, (Alicante) Spain

Muy buenas,mi experienza con Carmel m cambio mi vida.En 2008 conocí a la q fue mi pareja durante cinco años,estuve muy enamorada, he querido a esta persona como nunca antes había sentido tanto amor,a los dos años todo se torció y ha partir de ahí un infierno, hasta q un día llegue a casa y prácticamente tenia las maletas en la puerta.Hacía meses q mi padre había fallecido y para colmo m diagnosticaron cáncer, m sumí en una horrible depresión. ..y decidí ponerme en manos de Carmel.En pocas sanaciones mi vida empezo a cambiar, m encontraba alegre,contenta,tenía ganas de vivir y de luchar por todo lo q m esperaba.La gente m preguntaba,q medicación tomas para estar así? ?…y de ahí en adelante todo fue bueno, mi cáncer quedó en un simple tumor,empeze una nueva vida.Hoy soy una persona feliz,muy segura de mí misma,me he vuelto muy intuitiva y m siento de forma buena muy diferente al resto de las personas, en mí no hay envidia,rencor ni maldad,siempre quiero lo mejor para el mundo y todo lo q m propongo lo consigo.Estos momentos los pasamos muchas personas y yo con mi experiencia os puedo decir q gracias a Carmel hoy soy una persona sana.Mil gracias


Madrid (Spain)

Healings: I have seen many energy healers in my past, and I found that they so often dredged up wounds and negative emotions rather than cleared them out. For a time, I believed this was all energy healing could do, and I felt far too down and weak to be able to handle that. I remained skeptical of a healer’s ability to make me feel any joy up until I saw Carmel. For the first time after one of his sessions, I actually felt lighter, happier, and more grounded. It felt like the energy had been released, rather than just dug up and left to fester. I continued to see him for the remainder of my time in London, and every time I felt a little more bright. People around me could see a difference in how I held my posture and the tone with which I spoke. Today, I am doing so much better than I was just months ago. Thank you Carmel, for helping me to ground myself a very difficult year, and sending me into the new year with more self-assertion and confidence than ever before!

Readings: Carmel’s cards are both astounding and a bit cheeky! They told him information even before I had the chance to verbally say it myself. They informed me about factors influencing other people that I was not aware of, and that they never told me until much later after the reading. Perhaps the most useful knowledge one can gather from the cards is that they are not fixed: you do not have to feel like you are trapped into one destiny, as we all have the freedom of choice. You do not have to be afraid of the cards or worry that they will be negative and doom you to a bad future. Instead, they tell you the most likely outcome considering your current energetic state, something you always have the power to change if you do not like what you see. Likewise, if you get a reading done, I recommend you get a healing done by Carmel first so the cards are reflecting your highest truth.

Annie (not real name. Requested by the person not to disclose the real name)

San Francisco, California, USA

I had a privilege to work with Carmel in one of the healing classes. His energy is amazing.💫 Very kind and caring. Would recommend him to everybody.😇

Natasa Forstner Holesek

Ljubljana, Slovenja

I had a visit from my friend Carmel Sastre on Wednesday 27 November 2019 As he was over in London for a few days.  We were chatting about life and our hopes dreams and ambitions when Carmel said that he could do a Wealth spell for me.

I am a bankrupt and Christmas and money were playing heavy on my mind.  He performed this for me and I thanked him and thought nothing more about it as I really could not see where any significant amount of money would be coming from so close to Christmas.
On 6 December 2019 I got a letter from my old bank …the one that I closed 1 year ago due to my bankruptcy.  I had never applied for PPI with being a bankrupt I would not have been allowed to keep the money and I missed the deadline in August anyway.
The letter from my bank said that after a review of my closed account I was due a £800 refund!
The cheque duly arrived and after speaking to The Insolvency Service I have been allowed to keep it and I cashed in on 13 December 2019.  To say that this was a bolt out of the blue would be an understatement and I honestly believe that the Wealth Spell that Carmel performed for me worked and I will forever be grateful to join and his amazing abilities of which I have never had any doubt!!
I have included my letter from the bank with this also.  Many thanks Carmel 😍😍😘
Sharon Williams

Shepherds Bush (Hammersmith and Fulham), West London

“Carmel helped me immensely and transformed me from a very depleted energy state of feeling off balance with work, love and life to a place where I felt so balanced, open, grounded and relaxed with the people around me. We worked for nine sessions and I could not believe the change I instantly began to see in myself after the first few. It was like a dark cloud had been lifted and I felt lighter and connected again. Even more,I was able to push through the creative blocks that I had been facing with work and the following week, I was recognised for my change and performance. I will continue to work with Carmel as he has a true gift and when aligned, life is wonderful!”


He’s amazing very straight to the point in everything ! God has given him an amazing gift ! He’s the first person to ever tell me to live out my dreams ! I feel so pumped to go toward with being a doctor he’s the real MVP!




Testimonial from Sheila about the benefits of Energy Healing with Carmel Sastre
Video and email below

“Healed completely from the following conditions

Foot pain from flat feet no longer need arch supports

Neck and shoulder pain from constant tension

Loss of creativity and inability to paint

Pain from abdominal hernia in the past in the stomach also healing of pain from recent food poisoning

Chronic kidney pain

Poor self image

Mild depression

Marriage healed in both private matters and in communication

Healed from loss of vitality and sedentary lifestyle

Have found new desire for exercise and for things I love to do”




Testimonial from Sheila McNeel
Feedback from Sheila in San Tan Valley Arizona,USA
This was a distance energy healing
Carmel Sastre is Amazing!!!
I was treated badly by two different people in my life and as a result of that trauma I could no longer do the thing I love the most ,my art!Although I am a professional painter and painting is one of my greatest passions I was stuck I could not paint!
I had gone to many therapists and prayed for nine months with no results I was so discouraged!
Until I met Carmel!
I had also suffered mild depression and had pain all over my body from years past!
Plus I had been having recent severe stomach pain.
I was so pleasantly surprised!!!
After only one energy healing from Carmel the shoulder and neck pain I have had for years is gone!!!!
No pain at all! Totally gone as if it was never there!! I had pain in the arches of my feet from my feet being flat footed There is no more foot pain none!
I don’t even have to wear my arch supports anymore!
I had an old hernia that caused bowel troubles for 16 years and constant nagging pain! No more pain and no more bowel troubles completely healed!
And best of all I got my art back!!!!!!!
I am painting again
I am flabbergasted and blessed beyond all measure, this one is worth a million
His prices are reasonable as well!
Oh yes I want to mention that I am an energy healer myself I have 17 different energy healing certifications!
And this man is the best energy healer I have ever seen!!!
This is who I will be going to never have I seen such peaceful power!
Things I battled with for years are healed!
Such beautiful gifts💞
Highly recommend!!!
I would give him 10 stars if it were possible!
Also I wanted to mention that immediately after the healing my relationship with my spouse improved overnight my ability to communicate and myself image was through the roof!
I know it seems magnanimous but it really is true!!!
This man has got THE GOODS and he really knows how to move energy!
I was blown away!
I have new inner peace and feel so centered.
Anyone would be blessed to get to have a session with Carmel.
I will be back for more!!!!!
Sheila McNeel
Ordained Christian minister
Christian Energy healer
San Tan Valley Arizona, USA
Also video testimonial:


I looked Carmel up to have help with chakra balancing but also because of a fracture on my tailbone and I was also swollen in my lower abdomen. I have most of my life received and done treatments myself and I can confirm Carmel is a very powerful healer. Carmel straight away started to improve my issues and I could physically feel how things were moving around during and after the session. Initially I had sort of a detox happening after the session but then I started to feel a lot better in every way. You can feel the pureness and warmth in these treatments and although I have only done a few sessions, I can highly recommend him.

Johanna G.

London, UK

Carmel helped me to get proper rest during the night, eat and feel more energised. I had few sessions and I felt the difference, things start to turn in ways over my day to day life. I recommend his sessions for chakra cleansing, energy healing, our sessions were at the phone ( I live in UK he is in Spain) with a big positive shift for me. Trust Carmel and hope he can help you too. ☀️ Thank you 🌈 Carmel 🙏

Victor L., London, UK