Book "The secret power of chakras revealed" by Carmel Sastre

Physical exercises are important to help the flow of the energy through all the Chakras. I enclose below the exercises I recommend before a healing session or/and after, before a meditation or whenever you wish to stretch the Chakras. 

This information is extracted from the book “The Secret Power of the Chakras Revealed”, available in amazon. 


  1. Ground yourself while standing by visualising a big cord in from your root chakra to the centre of the earth where it is anchored.  Add roots from your feet and also attach them to the centre of the earth. 
  2. Eye rotations: 12 times to the left and 12 times to the right.  When you move your eyeballs clockwise and anticlockwise don’t move your head, only the eyes.  (To start, you may want to make circles with your arm extended in front of you and follow the fingertips.)
  3. Rotate your head:  Turn your head 12 times to the right and 12 times to the left.  Inhaling from the right and exhaling to the left. then do the same the other way around inhale from left and exhale when you rotate your head to the right.
  4. Nod your head:  When your head is back, breathe in.  When front, breath out.  Repeat 12 times. 
  5. Rotate your shoulders:  Front 12 times and to the back 12 times.
  6. Upper body trunk:  Arms at chest height, elbows can be bent. Keep your head forward and rotate your trunk left to right 12 times.  
  7. Lower body trunk:  Arms loose – and remain loose.  Rotate your trunk and head left – breath in; right breathe out.  Your arms will be loose and follow your movement.  Repeat 12 times.  (1 left, 1 right; 2 left, 2 right, etc.). 
  8. Move your fingers:  Arms hanging by your sides, move all of your fingers.  
  9. Hands and wrist:  Rotate hands clockwise and anticlockwise, 12 times in each direction.
  10. Spine:  chin towards the chest, inhale when you move the head backward and exhale when you move the head to the front.
  11. Hip rotations: Place your hands on your hips so you can feel the rotation.  Rotate your hips in a circle 12 times clockwise then counter clockwise.
  12. Knee rotations: Place hands on your knees, feet together, and rotate them 12 times clockwise then counter clockwise.
  13.  Squats: 50 semi squads 50 or full squads.
  14. Knee extension:  Bend the knees and then quickly extend the leg as if you were kicking.
  15. Feet rotations: rotate the right foot clockwise and anticlockwise 12 times in each direction.  Then rotate the left foot clockwise and anticlockwise 12 times in each direction.  If you need to balance against a tree, a piece of furniture or even sit down that is ok.  
  16. Toes:  Point your right toes upwards and downwards 12 times.  Then point your left toes upwards and downwards 12 times.
  17. Sideways bending:  Place one hand on the head and the other on the back. Try to avoid touching the (meng mein) chakra behind the belly button.  Bend to the right while the left hand is on the head.  Do this 12 times.  Change arm positions and repeat this to the right 12 times.