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The Secret Power of the Chakras Revealed.

What is “The Secret Power of the Chakras revealed” about?  

This book is a book about the Chakras in which you will learn and have a clear idea about these energy centres. You will learn what the Chakras are, where they are located and how to know if they are balanced or imbalanced.

You will also know how to balance and cleanse your Chakras with a meditation technique through visualisation. You will be aware of the organs of the body linked to each chakra and how they are affected by the emotions, the age, the stimulus of the colours, the food and much more. This is the information you need to know if you want to have a good knowledge about the Chakras in an easy to learn way.

Opinions about The Secret Power of the Chakras revealed:

“I read the 1st edition of this book and finally grasped the chakras. The 2nd edition expands the knowledge in an easy to understand fashion. I was so inspired by this knowledge that I contacted Carmel for his training classes. I highly recommend the book and the lessons. My life is improved by this read and by the training I have received”

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