Distant energy healing or distance energy healing is also known as remote healing.


The sun can shine through a glass, and fire can radiate

warmth thro ugh the walls of a stove, although the sun

does not pass through the glass and the fire does not

go through the stove; in the same way, the human

body can act at a distance while remaining at rest in

one place.


Distant Energy healing works as you connect energetically with the person. You receive and channel energy healing and frequencies from different sources and you reach a place or a person and cleanse the energy as well as you energise and harmonise it. You remove any dirty energy and replace it with a positive energy that balances the person, that is why it works for physical pain, stress, anxiety and many more things, as it works mentally, emotionally and physically.

I have a video where I explain that it works remotely and we do not have to deny it, because we do not see it with our physical eye. It works the same as the radio, wifi, the mobiles, remote control devices, radioactivity,…

As well emotions do have energy and impact the healing.

Why remote healing sessions work, by Carmel

“Why energy healing or reiki works distance”:


Resonance refers to the tendency of any object to oscillate or vibrate at maximum amplitude at certain frequencies, known as the system’s resonant or natural frequency. A bell, a violin string, a vocal cord, or an eardrum will have a certain resonant frequency depending on its physical characteristics (e.g., elasticity) and its geometry. Resonance also refers to the coupling that can take place between two systems with similar resonant frequencies. When one system vibrates, the other one vibrates at the same frequency, even though they are separated by some distance. Hence the resonance between the vibrations of a speaker’s vocal cords and the hair cells in a listener’s cochlea enables us to hear.


 All objects in the universe, from the very smallest to the very largest, are continuously vibrating. Since matter is composed of charged particles such as electrons and protons, all vibrating matter is emitting electromagnetic fields. To be more specific, a stationary charge is surrounded by an electric field and a moving charge produces magnetic fields (Ampère’s circuit law).

Vibrating matter resembles a pendulum or a child on a swing – its position goes from stationary to rapid motion and back to stationary again. Its field goes from purely electric to purely magnetic and back again, in repeating cycles. James Clerk Maxwell (Maxwell, 1865) synthesized Ampère’s circuit law and Faraday’s law of induction to create a classical electromagnetic theory. Electromagnetic waves move through space at the speed of light, with the electric fields perpendicular to the magnetic fields. The wavelength is the distance between peaks of the field.

Electromagnetic fields play a huge role in our daily lives, because they are involved in technologies such as cellular phones, electronic car keys, garage door openers, radio, television, police and military communications, radar, and so on. The key to the operation of all of these technologies, and to the use of energy fields in clinical medicine, is resonance – the phenomenon that enables electromagnetic fields produced in one place to affect things at a distance.



Any object that is electrically conductive will have antenna properties. Metallic wires are good antennas, and many molecules,

including DNA, are referred to as molecular wires, and are therefore good antennas as well.

 At body temperatures, all of the molecules in the body are vibrating. Some of this vibratory energy is converted into electromagnetic fields (radio waves and light) that can travel through space and that can cause vibrations in other resonant molecules a distance away. You don’t have to know how an antenna works to understand biology. But understanding a bit about radio and antennas and the mysterious process by which antennas launch energy and information from Here to another antenna.

 Every day we use our radios, televisions, and cell phones. These devices use electromagnetic fields of particular frequencies to send information over a distance, from a transmitter to a receiver.

 All of these devices involve electromagnetic fields of particular frequencies. Setting the dial for 104.3 involves selecting a frequency of 104,300,000 cycles per second. If antennas did not radiate and absorb energy, we would not have radio, television, radar, cell phones, or microwave ovens. If tissues and molecules in the human body did not radiate and absorb energy by the same process, many energy medicine therapies would not exist.

 W282AB Dover is an FM station. FM refers to frequency modulation. Other stations are on the AM dial, with AM referring to amplitude modulation. The nature of these two kinds of signals is important for energy medicine, because the human body uses both AM and FM signalling.

Both types of radio transmission involve a fundamental frequency called the carrier wave. In AM, the amplitude or height of the carrier wave is modulated up and down. The receiver subtracts the carrier wave and retrieves the original information that was used to modulate the carrier. In FM, the frequency instead of the amplitude of the carrier wave is modulated up and down without changes in its amplitude. FM is commonly used for high-fidelity broadcasts of music and speech and television sound.


How do these antennas operate and their biological significance?

Studies of the insect antenna have revealed an important aspect of biological resonance.

Entomologists had always assumed that the insect antenna was a scent receptor, used by insects of opposite sex to locate each other by following the trail of airborne insect hormones called pheromones. The problem with this idea is that a male moth, for example, can find a female a mile away even when the wind is blowing the scent molecules away from him instead of towards him. In a series of studies, Phillip Callahan demonstrated that the pheromone molecules are actually molecular antennas that emit radio signals. The male moth looking for the female is not attracted by the scent or smell of the pheromones, but by the radio signals the molecules emit. This research has been summarized by Oschman and Oschman (2004).

 igure above of Natural antennas. (A) An insect antenna. (B) The DNA molecule. (C) The adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule. (Image (A) courtesy of Philip S. Callahan.)


Molecular Antennas:

 Callahan (1975) pioneered the study of the antenna properties of molecules. There is now detailed clinical evidence that molecules can indeed act as transmitting and receiving antennas.

 Previously, it was stated that any electrical conductor can act as an antenna. The DNA molecule is a classic example. DNA is an electronic conductor (e.g., Fink and Schönenberger, 1999; Porath et al., 2000). The movement of charges through DNA is electronic and not ionic. DNA molecules are referred to as quantum wires and can function as antennas.

 Skeptics lump vibrational medicines together as mystical, supernatural, occult, pseudoscience, flaky, twilight zone, new-age gobbledygook, or, simply, unbelievable (e.g., Barrett and Jarvis, 1993; Raso, 1995). The dynamic energy systems of the body are dismissed as involving ‘subtle energies that are alien to physics’.

 These critiques are out of date, because modern researchers have confirmed that living organisms do, indeed, comprise dynamic energy systems involving the same sorts of field phenomena that physicists have been studying for a long time. For example, clinical medicine is beginning to employ oscillating magnetic fields to ‘jump start’ healing. Vibrational therapies are not magic or superstition: they are based on biology, chemistry, and physics.

 All objects in the universe are in constant motion. Stillness does not exist. Movements can be linear (in a straight line), rhythmic, vibratory, or orbital. Some objects move from one position to another and then back again.

 Waves have important characteristics that are crucial to our understanding of energy medicine and the effects of energy therapies on the human body. The most important characteristics of waves are their amplitude, wavelength, frequency, and wave shape.

Physics and biophysics are the foundation of the discipline of energy medicine. Without these basic concepts other vital phenomena such as resonance and energy fields remain mysterious.

The pathways involved in the body’s responses to external magnetic rhythms are shown in the figure below.

The pineal gland is the primary magnetoreceptor. Between 20% and 30% of pineal cells are magnetically sensitive. Exposure of animals to magnetic fields of various intensities alters the secretion of melatonin, the electrical properties of pineal cells, and their microscopic structure (reviewed by Sandyk, 1995). In addition, various animal tissues contain particles of organic magnetite. Two separate research groups have now recorded magnetically influenced impulses in single neurons connecting magnetite-bearing tissues with the brain (reviewed by Kobayashi and Kirschvink, 1995).

Micro pulsations of the geomagnetic field, caused by the Schumann resonance, are detected by the pineal and magnetite-bearing tissues associated with the brain.

During the ‘free-run’ period, when the brain waves are not being entrained by the thalamus, the Schumann resonance can take over as the pacemaker, particularly if the individual is in a relaxed or meditative state (Schumann signals are thousands of times stronger than brain waves). The brain waves regulate the overall tone of the nervous system and the state of consciousness. The electrical currents of the brain waves are conducted throughout the body by the perineural and vascular systems. The biomagnetic field projected from the hands can be much stronger than the brain waves indicating that an amplification of at least 1000 times takes place somewhere in the body. Alternatively, the body may simply act as an effective antenna or channel for the Schumann micro pulsations. The projected fields scan or sweep through the frequencies medical researchers are finding useful for ‘jump-starting’ injury repair in a variety of tissues.

The question of whether living systems are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field has been bitterly controversial for more than a century. There are now a number of plausible and well-documented mechanisms for such interactions, and abundant evidence that they take place. Moreover, Becker’s research has shown how geomagnetic entrainment of the brain waves can affect the entire nervous system at a very high level of control (i.e., the perineural DC system that extends throughout the body and has roles in regulating injury repair).

Practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine often describe themselves as being more artistic than scientific. They would not be doing what they are doing without the influence of their teachers, who are usually careful, creative, and sensitive observers willing to rely on intuitions and flashes of insight when creating new and successful clinical protocols.

Many experienced physicians confess that they are often able to ‘read’ a new patient at a glance, only to later have lab tests and medical imaging confirm their original flashes of insight. The value of such intuitive leaps is described in Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Gladwell (2007).

Sometimes the logical treatment paradigm fails, and the patient gets worse rather than better.

When this happens, the intuitive physician may step away from the conventional path and apply a new and creative method. These creative moments allow biomedicine to take a big step forward.

By combining the work of these insightful and artful physicians, medical researchers, and alternative therapists can provide amazing results and sort out problems that the conventional medicine do not sort out.


Note: Energy Healing does not replace the convention medicine


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