After almost 30 years providing energy healing sessions and having seen amazing changes that conventional medicine could not sort out such as total recovery of the mobility after a stroke, making disappear body pain, curing diabetes, I decided to start videos about different problems and provide recommendations of things that can help combining with my healing sessions. I call these recommendations “Energetic Prescriptions”. 

This video is about Healing diabetes.

Since I am not a doctor, thus an Energy Healer working with Energy Medicine, instead of prescribing medication I do prescribe natural remedies that I call energetic prescriptions.
Some of these energetic prescriptions are:


  • A diet, life-style according to the blockages of your Aura and Chakras, working energetically the mental, emotional and physical fields.
  • Healing herbs.
  • Physical exercises customised to your needs.
  • Customised meditations through visualisation and breathing techniques.
  • Grounding or earthing through meditation
  • Grounding and earthing through being in contact with the Mother Earth, Gaia.
  • Advice and use of healing symbols.
  • Advice about activating reflexed energy centres of our microsystems according to the holographic point of view. For example advice to activate some energetic points of the hand with a pen to help and sort out a pain or any other problemyou may have. You can do this yourself following my guidance.
  • Guidance and advice for absorbtion of the energy of the 4 elements as for example Hugging trees and invoke the energy of the different elements according to your needs.
  • Sea baths
  • Sea Salt baths
  • Essential oils bath
  • Coffee baths
  • Baths with herbs
  • Advice about drawing a certain healing symbol on a tablet/medication you are about to use to reduce and minimise secondary effects.
  • And a long etc of other energetic and alchemical remedies.


It is estimated that 537 million people are currently living with diabetes all over the world. By 2045, projections show this number rising to some 783 million diabetics globally.

Many are prediabetic and are not aware about that so it is a real pandemic, and all of that is mostly due to the food supported by governments, instead of teaching what is good and healthy to eat, but it seems that the economy of industries with their preservatives, chemicals and the pharmaceutical companies are the ones that govern the planet and living on the depend sick people of the “junk food” and medications.
So this is a big thing, and that is why this is the first video I do, and will then share others about other health problems and talk about the disease and the approach for healing from an energetic point of view from my ChakraAura Healing technique that combines it with healing plants and other energetic healing prescriptions which are my recommendations. Obesity which is a consequence of diabetes is also a big issue.

As well many diseases as for example heart attacks are considered deaths of heart attack, but in reality the cause of the heart attack is the diabetes that affected the heart.
Alzheimer is another example, which is the raising pandemic, which is also called “diabetes 3”.

See the picture below to have a little bit more information about the main “causes” of death, although there are not really the cause as I just mentioned, it is important the root of this disease (first from the first disease originated, and second which is found with my healing sessions the emotional/mental root of the problem).

You can click on the image below that contains a link to watch the video about diabetes. This video contains 3 different videos put all together so that you have all the information in the same video.
The video has 3 parts put all together in this video, the parts are:
– An interview about diabetes
– Then it follows by how to eat/diet and recommendations for diabetes.
– And the properties of one of the healing plants I consider as number one to treat diabetes, the plant known as Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana (Bertoni)), also known in English as also called sweet leaf or candy-leaf, sugar leave, flowering plant in the aster family (Asteraceae).

Link to the video:

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