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I am a professional Energy Healer, Spiritual Healer and a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher of more than 20 years experience.
My Energy Healing technique which combines the energy of the earth and cosmic energy I call it “The Golden Universe and Fertile Mother Earth” technique. In my life I have experienced a lot of different paths in order to learn about what is energy and what you can do with it.
I practised macrobiotics to find out more about how the energy of food can affect your body, emotions, mind and spirit.
I continued my journey by reading and teaching Tarot as a predictive tool, but later I wanted to go deeper and focus more as a self-development method. This path helped me to learn about the archetypes and emotions that could be linked to imbalances on several levels. I wanted to go deeper and deeper and find the spiritual essence and bring spirituality in my daily life as well as bring it to the people who were around me.
More than 20 years ago I was practising hands-on healing without knowing where this power was coming from. The power of hands-on healing was something innate, but I wanted to know more about energies so I studied and practised Reiki in order to find out more about this energy that I was feeling in my hands.

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I practiced Reiki mainly but also soon after I discovered a technique of Energy Healing that through the power of my hands proved to have also amazing results. With these results, using the energy of the earth and cosmos, I began to find answers that started to make sense.


This new technique enabled me to coach individuals to solve problems such as difficulty in finding work, and people who are unrealistic and are not grounded as well as many others with emotional problems. When I do an healing I combine my clairvoyant and intuitive skills.

I identify the blockages within your chakras and aura and cleanse them. I help change some patterns and after the healing sessions important changes in your life may start to happen. I can see the healing goes directly to the root of the problem. It is a tool that balances your aura and chakras and cleanses the programs set up in you which do not allow you to take any beneficial paths.

I guide a person to enable them to change their life in an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual way. I speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, German. I understand Portuguese and basic Russian.

Translator available for Russian and Arabic speakers for energy healing sessions.

If you want an Energy healing session face to face in London, Spain or distance healing

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