Energy Healing in London, Spain and distance with

Carmel Sastre, 
a Chakra Master Energy Healer

I am an innate Psychic Energy & Spiritual Healer in London, Spain and provide distance remote healing sessions by Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp. I developed my own Spiritual Healing Technique “ChakraAura®” 

Energy Healing Sessions

My spiritual guides bring the energy and may heal you by clearing the energy that should not have been there and replace it with divine creative universal energy.

Energy & Spiritual Healing Courses

Course about the Chakras, Meditation and Energy Spiritual Healing. Technique “ChakraAura” created by Carmel Sastre


4 Day intensive energy and spiritual healing course/retreat. A unique Energy and Spiritual Healing session for a unique person who wants and feels to work with Energy and Spiritual Healing. 

My name is Carmel Sastre.

I am an innate Psychic Energy Healer now in Spain, twice a year in London and also provide Distance/Remote Healing sessions.

I provide Energy and Spiritual Healing sessions to many individuals around the world for over twenty five years. I channel divine, spiritual Reiki  and Energy Healing after having developed my own registered healing technique “ChakraAura®” . 

I also provide training, workshops and courses in many aspects of personal spiritual development such as chakra healing and balancing, aura cleansing, guided meditation and Aura and Chakra Energy Healing. Change your life with healing, meditation and grounding is possible. It all depends on you.

Whilst located in the Notting Hill (Portobello area) area in West London, I also provide distance (remote) Reiki and Energy healing sessions, training and consultations by arrangement via Skype or Watsapp in English, Spanish, French, Italian. Portuguese and German. I also offer Healing sessions and courses upon request in Valencia region, Denia in the Costa Blanca, Spain (in English and Spanish).

My London Spiritual Healing practice integrates guided meditation sessions and involves a wide range of techniques and protocols working together. I have found that each individual has their own unique vibratory pattern and state of awareness which benefits from a particular approach suited individually to them or their energetic condition.
Meditation clairvoyance psychic intuition and guided meditation and clairvoyance

As a Reiki Master Healer (member of the UK Reiki Federation) and Spiritual Healing teacher ChakraAura® technique I channel energy into the person seeking help using an hands-off method, meaning there is no physical client contact.

I use several techniques depending on the individuals energetic vibratory rate and awareness.
I channel specific healing energies into the individual using an hands-off method, meaning there is no physical client contact.

A bit more about myself…

Carmel Sastre Chakra Master Energy Healer in London

More than 25 years ago I was practising hands-on-healing (an innate ability ) without knowing where this power was coming from. The power of hands-on healing was something innate, but I wanted to know more about energies so I studied and practised Reiki in order to find out more about this energy that I was feeling in my hands.

I practiced Reiki mainly, but also soon after I discovered a technique of Energy Healing that through the power of my hands proved to have amazing results. With these results, using the energy of the earth and cosmos, I began to find answers that started to make sense.

This new technique enabled me to coach individuals to solve problems such as difficulty in finding work, and people who are unrealistic and are not grounded as well as many others with emotional problems and physical pain. When I do an healing I combine my clairvoyant and intuitive skills.

I identify the blockages within your Chakras and Aura and cleanse them. I help to change some patterns and after the healing sessions important changes in your life may start to happen. I can see the healing goes directly to the root of the problem. It is a tool that balances your magnetic field and energy centres and cleanses the programs set up in you which do not allow you to take any beneficial paths. I enhance every day my technique by the persons that come to me and their feedback. My technique is more and more powerful everyday, due to my investigations and practice.

I guide a person to enable them to change their life in an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual way.

I speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. 


 What is Most Important about my ChakraAura® Method

 ChakraAura® is my self-developed method based on extensive study and hands-on and -off experience. It is both Energy and also Spiritual healing.

 Why Energy? 

 Because it works with energy from different Light Healing Sources and it heals Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. 

 Why Spiritual? 

 It is Spiritual as you work with Light beings you are attuned/initiated to. You work with the Elemental Light beings (Elemental Healing Masters or Guides) that you receive in Level 1. You work with the Psychic Surgeons that you receive in Level 2. You also work with very high Vibration Universal or Cosmic Light Beings in the next courses.

Chakra & Aura workshop. Anothomy of the Chakras

Guided Meditation for the Aura & Chakras by Carmel

With a combination of meditations and healing sessions you will have amasing positive changes. Your mind body soul spirit will start to release the fears and the energy that has been stored and accumulated in you over a period of time. As well you will clear the karmic attachments and current blockages to natural energy flow and wellbeing. Regular Healing session combined with meditations will help you to improve your overall well-being, the abundance in your life, personal relationships, creativity, your self-esteem, pèrsonal and social communication as well as the unfolding of your intuition and spiritual awareness.

Benefits of receiving my healing sessions combined with my meditations through visualisation:

·        1st Chakra Root Chakra: you will be more grounded, focused in all situations, be more responsible with money, take more care of your physical body

·        2nd Chakra or Sacral Chakra: Balance and enhance your sexuality and relationships and allowing you to be creative

·        3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra: Develop your authority, self-confidence and power. Put into action the creativity we had during the 2nd chakra session

·        4th Chakra or Heart Chakra: Develop unconditional love to give love and receive it. It is also to do with self-esteem as the 3rd chakra

·        5th Chakra or Forehead Chakra: You will practice to release the energy that blocks your communication with yourself and others

·        6h Chakra, Forhead Chakra or 3rd eye: It develops your intuition

·        7th Chakra or Crown Chakra: Connect with your spiritual side and universal energy and continue to develop your intuition

All these chakras work independently but at the same time they are all interconnected.

“I went to see Carmel as I had been suffering from insomnia for 3 years and nothing else I had tried had worked. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t sleep and it was having a huge impact on me and my everyday life: my moods, my energy levels, what I did each day, what job I could do. Within ten minutes of meeting Carmel, he identified the cause of my insomnia and he set about healing me, taking me through a guided meditation which left me with a deep sense of inner peace. Seeing Carmel is the best decision I have ever made, I have had 3 sessions with him and am now getting quality, uninterrupted sleep every night. He not only provided me with the answer I was seeking but also provided me with the tools I need to continue my healing. He is a highly gifted and I will be eternally grateful to him”



“Carmel first did distant healing in July 2017 and within a day I felt a huge difference. I then have been seeing him regularly since August and he has helped my energy get uplifted so much that I feel like a new person.
He is the best ever energy healer I have come across. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants re-balancing spiritually, emotionally and physically :-)”

Kuldip S.


Hello to all you beautiful Souls, may I recommend Carmel for healing treatment. I had injured may back in 2014 and was left with pain along the left had side of my body. The I was on painkillers for a good 6 to 7 months and by accident I meet Carmel.
He told me what he was an energy worker. So I decided to book myself I. fort a session bearing in mind this was all distance healing. 
I found the pain started to subside. 
my four toes on my feet had been numb since the accident. 
when I had roughly about six session from Carmel I found the pain had disappear in my and left leg and I could feel my toes. 
wow I was elated I was pain free.
I would highly recommend Carmel he is one very powerful healer.
Thank you Carmel may you continue your greatest works with the Devine Blessing always.

Satvinder Chadha, UK.

Carmel helped me last year to increasing my confidence.
His approach is very good. He made me feel at ease during sessions, guiding me through the session and checking I was ok and comfortable. He also ensured the improvements were done in stages to allow for more natural progression.
Even just after a few sessions I could notice a difference. I seem to be more in harmony with myself. I have better general awareness and feel more in control, I am better at managing difficult situations at work and also in social circumstances. My relationship with my family also improved as a result of the sessions.
I would recommend using Carmel’s services.

Lena, (not real name, requested by the person)



Hi, I will tell you my experience with Carmel, a change in my life.In 2008 I met the guy who was going to be my partner for 5 years, I was in love, I loved him so much as I never loved anybody before. Two years later all changed, and from then it was a hell, until one day I got home and practically had my suitcases at the door. Months ago my father passed away and and added to that I was diagnosed with cancer, I was plunged into a horrible depression. ..and I decided to put myself in the hands of Carmel. In a few healing sessions my life began to change, I was happy, happy, I wanted to live and fight for everything I expected. People asked me, what medication do you take to be like that? ? … and from then on everything was good, my cancer was a simple tumor, I started a new life. Today I am a happy person, very sure of myself, I have become very intuitive and I feel very different To the rest of the people, in me there is no envy, rancor or evil, I always want the best for the world and everything I want I get it. Many people suffer these kind of situations and with my experience is that I can tell you that thanks to Carmel today I am a healthy person, thousand thank you. 

Mar, Madrid, España

“Hi Carmel, Hope you are well.
I just wanted to let you know that I have been seen positive changes in myself.
I am not stressed at work as much as before, I now feel more relaxed things are still challenging but I am not panicking or nervous.
I am using positive affirmations, mediation and I am also looking around to join a gym so that I can be less tense.
Kind Regards, Donna”


West London

“Since I have met Carmel, my life has changed amazingly, so much positive energy flowing inside out, I am so grateful!
Thank you so much my lovely Earth and Universe to bring in my path this wonderful and powerful person 🙂
With bright sparks and love,”

Cristina Mata

“I had the opportunity to meet Carmel while passing through a turbulent life’s phase. For sure, his healing sections and tarot reading gave me strength and insights to get out that situation. Highlyrecommended! Fabio, London”



“Carmel’s healings are very powerful and insightful. His sessions were very helpful to me at a difficult time in my life and, as a result, I was able to recognise unhelpful emotions and start to develop a sense of balance and calmness.”


Pimlico London

I had a privilege to work with Carmel in one of the healing classes. His energy is amazing.💫 Very kind and caring. Would recommend him to everybody.😇

Natasa Forstner Holesek, Slovenja.

I had a visit from my friend Carmel Sastre on Wednesday 27 November 2019 Ashe was over in London for a few days.  We were chatting about life and our hopes dreams and ambitions when Carmel said that he could do a Wealth spell for me.

I am a bankrupt and Christmas and money were playing heavy on my mind.  He performed this for me and I thanked him and thought nothing more about it as I really could not see where any significant amount of money would be coming from so close to Christmas.
On 6 December 2019 I got a letter from my old bank …the one that I closed 1 year ago due to my bankruptcy.  I had never applied for PPI with being a bankrupt I would not have been allowed to keep the money and I missed the deadline in August anyway.
The letter from my bank said that after a review of my closed account I was due a £800 refund!
The cheque duly arrived and after speaking to The Insolvency Service I have been allowed to keep it and I cashed in on 13 December 2019.  To say that this was a bolt out of the blue would be an understatement and I honestly believe that the Wealth Spell that Carmel performed for me worked and I will forever be grateful to join and his amazing abilities of which I have never had any doubt!!

I have included my letter from the bank with this also.  Many thanks Carmel 😍😍😘

Sharon Williams

Shepherd’s Bush, (Hammersmith and Fulham), West London.


Healings: I have seen many energy healers in my past, and I found that they so often dredged up wounds and negative emotions rather than cleared them out. For a time, I believed this was all energy healing could do, and I felt far too down and weak to be able to handle that. I remained skeptical of a healer’s ability to make me feel any joy up until I saw Carmel. For the first time after one of his sessions, I actually felt lighter, happier, and more grounded. It felt like the energy had been released, rather than just dug up and left to fester. I continued to see him for the remainder of my time in London, and every time I felt a little more bright. People around me could see a difference in how I held my posture and the tone with which I spoke. Today, I am doing so much better than I was just months ago. Thank you Carmel, for helping me to ground myself a very difficult year, and sending me into the new year with more self-assertion and confidence than ever before!

Readings: Carmel’s cards are both astounding and a bit cheeky! They told him information even before I had the chance to verbally say it myself. They informed me about factors influencing other people that I was not aware of, and that they never told me until much later after the reading. Perhaps the most useful knowledge one can gather from the cards is that they are not fixed: you do not have to feel like you are trapped into one destiny, as we all have the freedom of choice. You do not have to be afraid of the cards or worry that they will be negative and doom you to a bad future. Instead, they tell you the most likely outcome considering your current energetic state, something you always have the power to change if you do not like what you see. Likewise, if you get a reading done, I recommend you get a healing done by Carmel first so the cards are reflecting your highest truth.

Annie (not real name. Requested by the person not to disclose the real name)

San Francisco, California, USA

Lilian Garrick  I have had the pleasure of receiving an “energy auric reading of my chakras” from Master Energy Healer Energy Healing Carmel Sastre and I was blown away by his vibrational energies. If you want a truly effective healing of your chakras (energy centers) then I highly recommend Carmel. “

Lilian Garrick, Medium and Healer


“Something amazing has happened as a result of your energy unblocking of my throat (chakra 2) on Nov. 23rd. I did your meditation today for the first time (it is of the 2nd and 6th chakras from when I first saw you in London), and what struck me was that you were clear from the very beginning when you first looked at me that the 2nd chakra – my throat- was blocked. You unblocked it, and it has made a huge difference in another way:

I have had an under active thyroid (located in the throat) since I was 25 years old, and have been on thyroid medication since then. I have been on only T3 thyroid medication; the UK doctors don’t like it since it could cause “electrical” problems in the heart. After my panic attacks, on Oct. 4th I went on T3/T4 combination, and when tested on Nov. 5th in L.A., the T4 level was just barely above normal, a first for me, with the T3 also low normal. I saw you here in London on Nov. 23rd when you unblocked my 2nd chakra. On Nov. 25th I had another thyroid blood test in London, and the T3 was comfortably normal with the T4 for the first time ever being comfortably normal.

The only thing that had changed was your unblocking of my 2nd chakra! This is absolutely amazing, and I thank you so much! “


Earls Court, London

Testimonial from Sheila McNeel
Feedback from Sheila in San Tan Valley Arizona,USA
This was a distance energy healing
Carmel Sastre is Amazing!!!
I was treated badly by two different people in my life and as a result of that trauma I could no longer do the thing I love the most ,my art!Although I am a professional painter and painting is one of my greatest passions I was stuck I could not paint!
I had gone to many therapists and prayed for nine months with no results I was so discouraged!
Until I met Carmel!
I had also suffered mild depression and had pain all over my body from years past!
Plus I had been having recent severe stomach pain.
I was so pleasantly surprised!!!
After only one energy healing from Carmel the shoulder and neck pain I have had for years is gone!!!!
No pain at all! Totally gone as if it was never there!! I had pain in the arches of my feet from my feet being flat footed There is no more foot pain none!
I don’t even have to wear my arch supports anymore!
I had an old hernia that caused bowel troubles for 16 years and constant nagging pain! No more pain and no more bowel troubles completely healed!
And best of all I got my art back!!!!!!!
I am painting again
I am flabbergasted and blessed beyond all measure, this one is worth a million
His prices are reasonable as well!
Oh yes I want to mention that I am an energy healer myself I have 17 different energy healing certifications!
And this man is the best energy healer I have ever seen!!!
This is who I will be going to never have I seen such peaceful power!
Things I battled with for years are healed!
Such beautiful gifts💞
Highly recommend!!!
I would give him 10 stars if it were possible!
Also I wanted to mention that immediately after the healing my relationship with my spouse improved overnight my ability to communicate and myself image was through the roof!
I know it seems magnanimous but it really is true!!!
This man has got THE GOODS and he really knows how to move energy!
I was blown away!
I have new inner peace and feel so centered.
Anyone would be blessed to get to have a session with Carmel.
I will be back for more!!!!!
Sheila McNeel
Ordained Christian minister
Christian Energy healer
San Tan Valley Arizona,USA
Also video testimonial:



To start to change your life and to receive a healing session or you are interested to a course, contact me and I shall get back to you